Week 8

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Our excursion to the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre occurred yesterday (Thursday) and it was a fantastic day. The students learnt so much about the Kaurna people and the Wetlands. Our guide showed us the ‘scar trees’ and the students were able to have ‘hands on’ and feel the scars on the trees. We saw a tree that was approximately 500 years old and the scar on it was estimated to be about 200 years old.  We saw the remains of ‘cooking pits’ and bushes that were/are used in bush medicine. Our guide explained about how the wetlands came about and we made our way to under the ‘expressway’ and viewed some Indigenous artwork. The students were amazed to know that we were just across the road from the ‘Macca’s” on South Road. We were extremely lucky with the weather as it was a lovely sunny day.

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  1. Ah, this is where James got ‘scar trees’ from! We were out geocaching yesterday and he often mentioned it and pointed a few out. There was also some discussion about using plants as a source of water, but none of us were game enough to try it 😉

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